Who we are:

We are friends from different walks of life, with different backgrounds, different religious beliefs, and different life experiences. An opinion expressed by one of us does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the others. What we do have in common is that we are passionate about making our own way in this world, being dedicated to our families while maintaining our own personal lives and interests, living life off the beaten path, and we all love to create.

No, we are not polygamists. Sorry to disappoint.

Meet the “Wives”:

About Daniel 4

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Lara: http://pinterest.com/larahampton/


11 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hey girls, just printed your Applesauce Spice Cake Recipe. My husband’s bday is tomorrow. He said he would like a spice cake with applesauce. And I found your. Thanks. I will let you know how he likes it.

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