Where I’ve been

So this happened.


Graham Busk (pronounced boosk) was born on Oct 5 weighing 9 lbs 5 oz.

It was my hardest pregnancy to date and my hardest birth. It was on the quick side (3.5 hours) but most of that time was WORK. He thought having his arm up by his head would be fun. He’s a tricksy one.

Since then though, he’s been awesome. Sleep deprivingly awesome. I’m trying to get back into the swing of raising a house of kids, homeschooling some of that house, pretending to clean that house, finishing the new Dan Brown book (don’t judge) before the library hunts me down for it, and blogging. I’m succeeding at approximately ZERO of those things. But the baby is fed, clean, and happy. And I’m usually most of those things as well.

And here is a picture of my whole crew together.


And one of Graham in his mustache diaper because, well, why not.


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