The reason for my silence

Dramatic title, no?

You’ve probably noticed (or maybe not) that I haven’t blogged much at all since the New Year. The truth is that Lara and I got in a huge fight and I decided to quit the blog.

Actually, that’s a lie. I just saw her yesterday. We’re good.

The real reason is that I’m pregnant!

We’re due with lucky #5 in late September.

I am so freaking tired all the freaking time even if I get nine freaking hours of sleep that I literally cannot focus long enough to blog anything worthwhile. And my passion for “filler posts” is non existent. I’m also a little cranky.

But, so that you feel you get your time’s worth out of this blog post, let me give you some advice if you choose to have four of your children close in age and then wait 8 years to have another one.

1. Know that a lot of your pregnancy complaints will be answered with “well, you are eight years older.” While completely true and relevant, it is not entirely helpful. But it’s totally true. Pregnancy in your early-to-mid 20s vs mid 30s are two different things.Β  It kind of reminds me of how my friend described how the girls in her roller derby training group bounced back from the bouts.

2. Be prepared for people to assume the first batch of kids were from a previous marriage, even though you’ve been with your husband since you were 18.

3. No matter how much money and time you spent on getting pregnant, people will assume this baby is an “oops” baby. Maybe, for you, it is. Just remember that it’s better than having to answer questions about you and your partner’s reproductive bits.

4. People with toddlers will think you are crazy to re-enlist when you are so far out of diapers, coordinating a babysitter just to go shopping alone, tantrums, etc. To them I say: I am crazy. Having 4 kids in 6 years will do that to you and the damage is, apparently, irreversible.

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PS I know our floating head comments aren’t showing and our sigs have frames around them. Something happened with our style sheet and, funny story, none of us actually know how to fix it. It’s Lars’s domain entirely and he has this weird thing about prioritizing the blog after his full time, paying job. Oh, and after trying to pick up my slack around the house from my first trimester fatigue. We should be back up to full form soon.


6 thoughts on “The reason for my silence

  1. Something in the water?! πŸ˜€ Congratulations! And if you don’t already read it, may I recommend The Pregnant Chicken blog? For all things pregnancy, child related, and out-and-out hilarious πŸ™‚ I think you ladies are legends for writing anything at all. Take it as easy as you can, and complain all you want, we’ll listen with sympathy πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you, everyone. We’re excited in spite of my icky early pregnancy symptoms. I just remind myself that they’re a good sign that my hormone levels are where they need to be and my body is hard at work making sure the baby has a safe home for the next several months.

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your absence has been noticed, but I’m glad to see a post any time – besides you’ll share lots of sweet baby pics which will balance this post drought, right?

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