Valentines I didn’t make

I mentioned I have been in a crafting slump so I’m going to shamelessly steal my child’s crafty accomplishments for the blog–because sometimes it is about doing nothing and seeing what your kids come up with.

Our homeschool group had a Valentines Day party at Charlie’s house (My God she is a saint!) and the kids brought valentines to exchange with eachother and brought boxes of some kind to collect their valentines. Usually I offer up at least some interest, assistance, materials—something—to aid in this endeavor. This year, my kids were completely on their own.

Jordan googled and found a cute origami winged heart and decided to create valentines out of them.


Click to go to the instructions

She even made boxes for both her and her brother (do you think he appreciates her? Do 13 year old boys appreciate anything that doesn’t include food or a screen of some sort? I think not)


Yes that is a Minecraft creeper because nothing says romance to a 13 year old boy than anything from Minecraft

Anyway, they turned out pretty cute and we arrived at the party with enough valentines and completely adequate boxes. Consider this advice to neglect your kids sometimes just to see what they will come up with on their own.



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