Tumbling Tumblers

Two slightly unrelated things:

1. A few of my kids have recently discovered the new Dr. Who series. I watched the old one when I was a kid (on reruns, for the record).

2. My kids get a new cup every single time they want a drink of water. And my counters end up looking like this by the end of the day, except the liquid inside is almost always water.

I have been planning on getting each child their own color cup and that is THEIR CUP AND THEY CANNOT USE ANOTHER CUP EVER. But I kept putting it off because we already own so many cups. Why can’t we figure this out without resorting to buying more?

And then I saw my friend selling these on Etsy and decided that yes, we must resort to buying more cups.


Click on the picture to go to her Etsy store.

After a little chit chat, I found out that she could do this on glass tumblers rather than plastic AND she can make a Dalek.  Joke for you: What’s the only thing more annoying than a Dalek voice? A room of children speaking in the Dalek voice.

Yeah, I don’t find it funny either.

Each cup will be labeled with a name and that is their cup. Their only cup. Ever.

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We have the same issue with towels here and I’ve sworn that I’m going to get them personalized towels and tell them they are forbidden to touch any other. Maybe I’ll wait and see if it works for you with glasses first.

Those tumblers are too cool! Not that I don’t feel your pain, and I have no idea what a Dalek is, but I do think it’s funny picturing you stuck in a room full of kids speaking in a Dalek voice.


One thought on “Tumbling Tumblers

  1. Super cool! My kids are going through a Star Wars stage (because of Lego Star Wars, which is super cute and the playstation game which is slightly parental-guilt-inducing) and at any given time the SHHHWWSSSSSHHHHHHHH! sound of a lightsaber starting up can happen, followed by imminent battle. Quite hilarious actually. My favourite is “Darth Mewl” hehehehe. Daleks… that would make my head implode. Anyone else reckon they look like a cheesegrater with handy toilet plunger attachment?

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