For your viewing pleasure

So, here I am. Being lame. Sick kids + little sleep + husband leaving on a business trip = sleepy, cranky, uncreative Charlie.

I’ll share the creativity of some of my favorite not-so-short people. A few weeks ago, I took Dennis, Xander, and two of their friends to Joplin to meet up with Lauren and Michon. Michon and I met 14 years ago when we were pregnant together. After coming to visit us a few times and through the wonders of Minecraft and Skype, Dennis has introduced Lauren to all his friends up here.

Michon had the idea to have the kids all do this “That’s a good cup of coffee” line. They’re all actually drinking hot cocoa. You didn’t think I actually caffeinated up a bunch of teens and spent 2 hours in the car with them? That wasn’t about to happen. Michon filmed this with her iPad and Lauren edited it.

Be sure to watch for the epic video bomber and then around second 47 for my favorite moment.

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This is awesome.

I thought you were rather brave to caffeinate all those teens. Cocoa was a smart choice. This is great.


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