Dry Ice, Ice Baby

This is from my other blog from a couple of years ago, but since this is the time of year where I generally hit what I call the “Homeschool Doldrums” I thought I’d repost about the day a box of dry ice appeared unexpectedly at our door.

Homeschool days rarely go quite as I planned, but sometimes that is a good thing. This week one early afternoon just as the kids were telling me they were bored (I try to schedule boredom at least a couple times a week and believe it is one of the most important subjects), a package arrived that just happened to be packed in dry ice. While they cared little for the actual shipment, the dry ice was an instant hit.

At least I made him wear gloves. Yes, this is after I tried to scare them with the “it will make your finger shatter into a million pieces if you touch it”

At first, poking at it was entertainment enough.

That spoon was LOUD!

And then we did some experiments we found on the internet. We tried the singing spoon. It went ear splittingly well.

Note how each of my children has safety glasses on. Yes, we’re the type of homeschooling family with bins of safety glasses.

And we blew up a balloon with these directions.

Our favorite was the giant dry ice soap bubble. I wish I had something next to it to give perspective on just how gigantic it was.

The bowl is at least 8 inches wide. BIG wow factor there.

And then the kids went off on tangents. Alex created a “magic show” trick with mini dry ice bubbles and the dry ice was poked and prodded and manipulated until it was “iced” out. It ended up not being such a boring afternoon after all.

PLEASE do this for a co-op class! I want my kids to enjoy dry ice but it makes me nervous. Add it to the list.

I would love to have dry ice show up at my door! That is very. . . wait for it. . . “cool.” Hehe.


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