What do you do when you post on a blog that is mostly a DIY blog when you don’t necessarily feel like DIYing?

There are layers to my current uncraftiness. First layer is that I don’t have a ton of time. While I am an early-to-bed-early-to-rise type these days, I have a long to do list when I do rise. Second layer is that when I have down time, I’m reading. I love the actual act of reading so substituting audiobooks for reading doesn’t fit the bill. Third layer is that I am using all my creativity on homeschool and 4H classes. There is little left after all that.

So what do I do? I log onto Pinterest for the first time in WEEKS and find me a project. I will report back next week when the selected projects are done.

First, we’re going to add some personality to my outlet covers.

of course.

And then I’m going to print some silhouettes onto colored paper and hang them in the kids’ rooms. Dinosaurs for Xander. Minecraft for Eli. Dr. Who for Eden. Domo for Dennis.


Now that I’ve said it, I’m going to have to do it.

That’s how Charlie gets her crafty back.

Charlie's siggy

I’ve been in a DIY slump as well. Can’t wait to see your finished projects!

I’ve never thought of us as a DIY blog, per se. I think more accurate descriptors would be: “Whatever goes;” “Mish-mesh;” “If we can think it, we can blog it;” or maybe “Monkey see; monkey do.” =D Neat projects. I love that Eden’s silhouettes aren’t going to be princesses or fairies, but Dr. Who. Love that girl.


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