The Valley of the Kings

For one of our co-op groups, I recently taught a class on the Valley of the Kings, King Tut, and the discovery of King Tut’s tomb.

And for this, we need some mood music.

Before anyone arrived, I turned our guest room into a burial/treasure chamber. Our good pharaoh had to combine his tomb into a single room and passageway due to real estate issues… and sleeping children in adjacent rooms.

After we discussed the topic (all the kids preread), we became archaeologists and stumbled upon the stairs to an old tomb in the Valley of the Kings.


Thanks to an overcast day, it was pretty dark in the morning in the tomb. At the top of the stairs was a long hallway leading the the burial/treasure chamber. There were more kids than flashlights so we all pretended to light torches and then I flipped on the overhead light.

Each child had a piece of paper and a pencil. While standing in the passageway, we all indicated on the paper where we were entering. The idea was to go through and map out where we found each item to document its discovery. I probably should have done some map-work prep on this topic because everyone got in there and just started drawing things all willy-nilly. Howard Carter would not be impressed.

This is Howard Carter looking not impressed.

The kids had fun with their drawings, though. Here is our friend Claire drawing the pictures found in the tomb.


By a struck of coincidence, Claire is actually in the pictures she is drawing. Pictures that Daniél framed for Eden. My whole life is a series of connections like that.

And here is our friend Gioia drawing the treasure discovered in the treasure box.

valley3And, finally, some of the kids wanted a turn at being the mummy but taking turns is no fun!


The items around the room were:

Tea cup

articles of clothing

a clay bird


jewelry box with jewelry inside



a sock (the sock wasn’t intentional… I just didn’t clean out under the bed and underestimated how into searching the room these kids would become)

If you have a fun Egypt-related activity, leave it in the comments. I have to teach this week too!

Charlie's siggy

Great co-op activity! I love your bed full of mummies.

Ah, King Tut. He gave his life for tourism.


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