Dry Erase Board MANIA

Lara and Daniél will tell you that I usually have all my posts for the week up on Sunday and occasionally a week or two ahead of schedule. For the holidays, I finished all my posts in late November and didn’t need to blog at all during my busy season. And here we are on Monday morning and I’m typing my Monday post. And I’m pulling way back from a planned post from last spring for material. While my timing may be LAME, the post is about something I love. Dry erase boards.

If loving dry erase boards is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Of course I have the big board that I use for “school” related things. You can see it in my  post on back to “school” pictures. Yes, I have to put school in quotes because I’m an obnoxious homeschooler like that. And I have lap board size ones that you can see are listed first on Lara’s list of favorite homeschool items.

But I have others that I have picked up on clearance sales over time. The best time to find them in the stores is during the kids-going-to-college time. August/September. By late September most of that stuff (and twin size bed sheets) go on clearance.


On my fridge, I have the above phone number one. Yes, my babysitter (Dennis) knows these numbers but it occurred to me, what if the emergency was with the babysitter? Or what if he wasn’t home but I was home with the kids and the emergency was with me? Parents’ cells, fire, police, a neighbor, and a grandmother (who is also a neighbor) are all listed.

Below is our weekly schedule. Why? Because my kids look at an entire calendar and their eyes glaze over. This gives them just what is coming up for the immediate week. Oh, and see the “60” written in the corner? That’s how much babysitting money I owe my babysitter. We should probably find a better method.dryerase3

The next dry erase board is dry erase and cork board combo. When we redid our kitchen, we moved the fridge to where a desk was and added lower cabinets where the fridge had been but not upper ones. The results is that we have a usable wall in our kitchen and that’s where our dry erase menu goes. I’m not always good at updating it but I try, try, try because I’m sick, sick, sick of hearing “what’s for dinner?” at least once from every person in my family. dryerase2

And my last one is totally superfluous. All my others are for communication purposes and this one is just fun. When our daffodils started blooming, I put a beautiful AA Milne quote up. dryerase1

It hung in our entryway for months so quotes, notes, and drawings by kids were always being turned over. I needed this space for another wall hanging, specifically this. But looking at it makes me want to hang it back up. It was fun.

Leave your dry erase board sentiments in the comments!

Charlie's siggy

I covet your giant dry erase board.

And I thought I had a thing for dry erase boards! We have a giant one, like 3′ x 4′ or something, and it’s one of the best things we’ve every purchased. The kids love it.


3 thoughts on “Dry Erase Board MANIA

  1. I was thinking I didn’t have a dry erase board, but then I remembered we have an easel (usually outside) and one side of it is dry erase. I don’t particularly like dry erase boards b/c they get that filmy muck on them – how do you keep yours clean?

    And YOU have a menu plan for a whole week?!

    • Ammonia and water (basically windex) every so often keeps it clean.

      Yes, I plan our menu ahead of time. It keeps me from having to decide every day what we’re going to eat and keeps me from buying too much/the wrong things at the store. While I plan days, those are only a guideline. And if we go out to eat, eat at a friend’s house, or do a fend-for-yourself night… or I decide I want to make something completely different… that meal just gets moved back into the mix.

      It sounds like I’m organized about it but the truth is that my brain is so disorganized that without some external system, I’d be staring at the fridge every night trying to decide what to make. Instead, I only have to do it once a week.

      Also, I only generally only plan out the side dish if there is something specific I need to buy, it’s a new dish, or there is some produce item that NEEDS to be used and I don’t want to forget to use it. The menu I have posted in the picture is more detailed than usual (I must have overbought Costco produce and needed to use it up).

      This is turning into another blog post. 😉 I think I’ll write one about my menu planning.

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