Giant Grocery Store Takes Care of New Moms

As most of you know, I just moved from Kansas City, Missouri to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was really hard for me to leave my beloved home city, but I am grateful for the job opportunity for my husband, and trying to discover and focus on the best things about living here. One of those things is the grocery stores. Holy cowardly lion, the grocery stores here are huge, cheap, and well, incredible.

When we first got here, our landlords and everyone we met kept telling us that there was a “giant grocery store” just under a mile away from our house. I kept thinking, “Man, this place must really be big if everyone around here refers to it as giant.” It wasn’t until we drove by it that I realized the name of the store is actually Giant. My husband and I still giggle every time we say the name, and we don’t say, “I’m going to run to Giant,” we say, “I’m going to run to the giant grocery store.”

It actually is Giant. There's a whole food court inside with a Panda Express and everything!

It actually is Giant. There’s a whole food court inside with a Panda Express and everything!

The best thing about “the giant grocery store” is that they offer a valet grocery service for FREE. (It’s supposed to be $5, but they waive the fee. I don’t know if that’s an ongoing thing or not, but even for $5 it’s a steal.) You place your order for groceries online, choose a pickup time, pull up, and they bring your items out, load up your car, take the payment from your window, and send you on your way! Technically, you don’t even have to put on pants. Pants optional grocery shopping? Yes, please. 

With my husband being out of town, a house full of boxes, dogs, kids, and a new baby, I need all the help I can get! (Thank goodness we have the tv set up!)

With my husband being out of town, a house full of boxes, dogs, kids, and a new baby, I need all the help I can get! (Thank goodness we have the tv set up!)

I used the service for the first time today at the Camp Hill location, and it was amazing. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. I had a problem with my debit card. It was declined due to suspicious activity. (We forgot to tell the bank we were moving.) I had to call the 800 number, and while I did, Leon (my 3 month old) was screaming his head off in the back seat. One of the staff opened the door and played with him while I made the call.

When the issue was resolved, I was told to wait 10 minutes to use the card. The woman who had been playing with Leon offered to hold my card for the 10 minutes and take care of the payment for me. I decided to climb in back and nurse Leon during that time. She brought my card back 10 minutes later, saw that I was nursing Leon, and told me that I was welcome to stay parked there as long as I needed.

I was hesitant to use the service in the beginning, because I was worried that I would be treated like I was majorly inconveniencing the staff. That wasn’t the case at all, even in my circumstance with the declined card which created a little more work for them. The staff was kind, welcoming, and made me feel like they were happy to be able to help. I hope they see this post, and that it encourages them to continue with their excellent customer service. Life with a newborn is hard. Moving to a new city is overwhelming. They helped to make my life a little easier, and I thank them for that.

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Hyvee has online grocery shopping, too. It used to be $5 to pick it up yourself and, I think, $10 for delivery to your house though those prices may have changed. I’ve not used the service because I’m controlling however I should get over that and just enjoy the service!

I’m glad you are getting some pampering! When Jordan and Alex were both toddlers (take a moment to imagine that combination–you guys never saw the mess that was me during those years) I used the Hyvee online grocery shopping a few times and it may have saved my sanity.


One thought on “Giant Grocery Store Takes Care of New Moms

  1. Sounds like a great feature of the giant grocery store. Love that they took care of you at a time when it helped you so much. Yay for appreciating things like that 🙂

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