Christmas Tree Forest

click to see more images by the same photographer. Her birds caught mid-flight literally made me gasp.

There is something beautiful and poignant about a lone tree whether it’s out in a field or in our own windows.

But there is something mysterious and powerful about a forest. Shadows and hiding places beneath every step. Branches creaking and chimpmunks scurrying.

We have always had a single Christmas tree. Whether our first $14 Wal-Mart special Charlie Brown tree or our ridiculously huge floor-model crooked tree, we’ve always had one. Last year I was inspired to think smaller yet bigger. I purchased narrow trees for not a single tree but a Christmas forest.

The forest is as thick as this corner will allow with three trees but I believe there is more space for underbrush. While we haven’t decorated the trees much yet, everything that we place on the trees will be something with meaning and power.

Already we’ve found some mysterious inhabitants of our forest. First, young elves hanging out in the tree:

And then a creature surely intent on bringing doom and destruction upon our home. Possibly just the trees. And maybe the power cord.

With one tree or two trees or even no tree, I hope you have been having a wonderful holiday season building new traditions and continuing with the old.

The forest fits that corner perfectly!

I love it!


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