Homemade Christmas Gift Wrap


Last year I must have had extra time on my hands because I decided it would be a great idea to decorate our own wrapping paper. Or maybe the gifts I got people were particularly lame and I wanted them to be distracted by the unique paper. I was surprised when the kids asked when we were going to make the wrapping paper for this year’s presents. Ah, great, another non-negotiable holiday tradition.

Plain craft/brown wrapping paper (super cheap at Michaels and very heavy duty).
Craft paints – our favorite was the roll on kind and anything with glitter.
Paint stamps in Christmas themes.


Optional:  paper sacks/old magazines with “Christmasy” colors.

Although it required me to both purchase and wrap presents fairly early, I found that wrapping the presents first made the painting easier. I just wrapped them and then the kids cut loose with the stamps and paint.
This year I am trying out making our own tags too—I’m thinking about the paper clay style salt dough made from corn starch..

Click picture to go to instructions

For ribbon we go simple to keep with the crafty theme. Last year was raffia, this year these ribbons

Click on picture to go to instructions

with paper sacks.

The kids even decorate their own presents and it keeps them busy and entertained.  Even my college age kid had fun with stamping and painting last year.

These are great! I always make sure my wrapping paper is coordinated but generally buy commercial stuff. This is so much cooler.

Super cool!


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