Tin Can Snowman

This adorable project was one of the first classes I ever offered back in ’09 for the homeschool co-op I belong to with Charlie and Lara. Can you guys believe it’s been 3 years already? I apologize for not having pictures of the steps, but hopefully I’ll be able to explain it well enough. It was a pretty simple project, though the kids had a bit harder of a time with it.

One little girl decided to call hers a wookie or ewok or some other Star Wars character when it was finished. I’m sorry, but I don’t know Star Wars very well, and I can’t remember which one. I just remember that hers was a pretty funky looking snowman, but once she renamed it, she was happy!

As Charlie repeatedly said in her Grinch ornament tutorial, it’s all in the details. Just make sure you glue everything down really well, and it will turn out great, and it will last. It makes such a cute holiday decoration. If I make another, I’ll add some pics of the process.

tin can snowman

What You’ll Need:

empty can
cotton balls
pompons or small buttons
pipe cleaner (for the mouth)
white glue
hot glue

1. Glue cotton balls with regular whit glue (I used Elmer’s). I stretched the cotton balls lightly to soften the appearance.

2. Stuff the inside of the can with crumpled newspaper. Glue in place around the edges so it doesn’t uncrinkle and pop back out.

3. Roll a piece of newspaper into a “snowball” that is the appropriate size for the “head.” Just hold it up to the can, and make it bigger or smaller as needed. Make sure you roll it really tight, and glue down any edges of paper so it will hold its shape.

4. Glue the cotton balls all around the head. Again, gently stretch them out to soften them and make them look more snow like.

5. Add whatever embellishments you’d like. I just improvised with mine, using what I had. Use hot glue on all felt pieces, as the white glue won’t hold it together.

If you make one, feel free to share links to it in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with, even if it ends up looking like R2D2!

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Cute snowman!

That is super cute.


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