Grinch Ornament

Every year growing up, my grandmother would buy all the grandchildren a Hallmark ornament. I loved getting these and I love seeing my kids putting them up on the tree.

I decided one year to start the tradition of buying or making the kids each an ornament every year that reflects our past year or something about them. And that lasted two whole years before I stopped. So this year, I have started the tradition to make them all an ornament that I want to make them regardless of interest level.

Behold my mad (basic) drawing skills.



Glass bulb ornament

Mod podge or other white glue thinned with water (about 3/4 mod podge to 1/4 water)

Green glitter (the finer, the better)

Glass paint pens in black, red, and yellow

Take the silver top off your ornament. Pour in some of your thinned glue. Swirl it around until the entire bulb is white with glue. DO NOT SHAKE. If you shake, you will have air bubbles.

Drain the extra glue and let it sit upside down for a minute. If you’re making more than one, you can start the next one while this one is sitting. It makes the process move.

After your bulb has sat for a bit, wipe the outside of the bulb to be sure there is no glue on the outside–especially the lip.

Pour in a bunch of glitter and shake it around. Shake, shake, shake. Add more if needed. You will see some white but when that dries clear, the green glitter will be all that shows. Pour out the extra glitter.

Let these sit for a few hours (or overnight) to dry.

When dry, draw on your Grinch face. I looked up an image from the animated film on Google and sat down with a pencil to sketch the details on a piece of paper first. Some things REALLY make this the grinch. The wrinkles, for one. Pay attention to the nose shape. Your ornament will really stand out if you

I am not an artist and have very basic drawing skills. The eyes are crooked, the smile not quite right, and so forth. But this is a basic shape and not hard to capture the essence of the Grinch if you

Did I mention paying attention to details?



You know what detail would make it even better? White boa yarn around the top for the start of the Santa hat. Perhaps red on top of that.


You’re welcome.

Edited to add another character idea:


An intervention is in order.

Charlie's siggy

I love, love, love these. So many ways to expand on this concept.

Omg, so cute! It’s such a great feeling when you visualize something and it turns out even better then you imagined. I will definitely be doing a couple of these as gifts!


5 thoughts on “Grinch Ornament

    • Thank you! It’s amazing when a picture in my head becomes a thing. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough but when it does, I’m pretty damn happy about it.

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