Three New Ornaments

For an ornament swap with some friends, I grabbed a used Scrabble game from Goodwill and some cheap yard sticks to make ten of these:

They were super easy. I stained the tiles and the wood haphazardly (shabby chic, yo). Then I glued on the letters to the uncut yardstick using wood glue. When it dried, I cut the yardstick into word sections. Then I drilled a single hole at the top and two holes at the bottom. Covered the whole thing with glitter mod podge, coated with acrylic sealer (this step alone makes these look 100 times more “finished” than anything else), and threaded ribbon through.

With one Scrabble game, I was able to get:

Faith (x2)









After finishing these well before the swap, I decided to make some book flowers for my book club. They were fast and Eden even helped. I made extras for myself.

Click on my picture to go to the tutorial I used. I added an embroidery floss loop on the back (used modpodge to glue it into place) and added a hook. I also sprayed them with the acrylic sealer to stiffen them. I’m glad I did. While these won’t last until we’re old and gray, they’ll at least last a few years rather than be wilted or squashed in storage the first year.

I have visions of making garland out of these for decor in one of my reading spots.

The last ornament was an attempt at making a knitted ornament and it worked so well, I decided to go by more supplies:

All I did was knit an i-cord using green raffia. After it was long enough, I wove the two tail pieces into the wreath and tied a red raffia bow on it. Knitting with raffia was easier than I expected. I had some nice stiff stuff to work with but still had to be careful with my tension so I didn’t tear it.

Have you blogged about a homemade ornament this year? Add your link in the comments! I’d love to see it and maybe attempt it for next year.

These are great! The scrabble one looks even better in person. I’d love to have a couple with words like “love,” “family,” and such. They’d make great gifts.

I love my book club flower ornament! The scrabble tile ones turned out really great!


5 thoughts on “Three New Ornaments

  1. Love the ornaments! I can’t wait to swap on Friday. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing everyone. I have a few extra Scrabble ones assuming side trades are going to happen again like in years past.

  2. too fun how your ornaments reflect you so much, the games/reading/knitting sides of you. No blogging about mine, but I’ll see you Friday 🙂

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