Our Homeschool Space

I’ve been waiting until the room was clean and decluttered–like the rest of the internet does–before posting pictures. Then I figured this is as good as it’s going to get and who wants perfection in place of reality? I did absolutely nothing to stage the room in the following pictures. That’s how much I trust you people. I trust you with my mess.

We first had the homeschool room in what is now my sitting room and the family room in the back. And I was left with nowhere quiet and simple to relax without retreating to my bedroom. And nowhere to entertain guests that wasn’t in the middle of the chaos. Plus, my nice furniture looks great in the room. So we switched the rooms.

Let me back up on the origins of having multiple rooms to choose from. When we bought our house, we told our realtor we needed a formal sitting OR dining room to use as a homeschool room. Requirements:

1. It had to be on the main floor and in the main traffic areas or else it won’t be used. If it takes time and/or space to go to it, it won’t be used.

2. I don’t have another requirement. The above requirement was all I had.

If we didn’t have a space among the main living areas, we would a.) have a room elsewhere in the house to keep our items that we would then drag throughout the rest of the house or b.) spread everything out in our living areas and call it good. Based on what happened in our last house, b is the correct answer.

We were fortunate to find a house with both a formal dining room and a formal sitting room.

Now our homeschool room is the larger family room in the back of the house. It’s directly off the kitchen (and my second sitting area, which is where some people might put a table. Who needs a table when there are books that demand to be read in comfortable seating?). It leads to the fenced backyard and has plenty of space.

I didn’t bother to get a picture of the desk since I already showed it to you when I painted it. The above picture was taken while I stood in the kitchen.

Some people find success in having their homeschool/resource/project spaces in a back bedroom or a basement family room. As my kids get older, I can see that working better. But for now, they like to be where I am and I need them to be exploring and learning while I’m close by to lend instruction but can also get my stuff done. Four kids eating three meals a day (plus snacks) in the home makes for a lot of kitchen duty.

And here is a shot from the hallway entry. Lots of natural light. And lots of clutter. It’s how we roll. We do have a TV and video games in this room and lots of homeschool parents have wisely opted away from this. Someone asked me how I keep my kids from watching TV all day with a TV in their homeschool/play space. Answer: the power button. We do have screen time restrictions,and the kids are used to them. Not that I don’t get a “can I just watch ONE episode?” at 10 am some days. Or a “but Dinosaur Train is like school work!” Hope springs eternal when it comes to extra media time.

What’s that? You see my Pippi Longstocking paper dolls that I so conveniently labeled for you? How observant!

My mother-in-law bought these 1970s paper dolls at an estate sale. She bought them for Eden. Then I played with them and enshrined them in a shadow box. I dress them for various seasons. Doesn’t Tommy look smart in his sweater?

While we have this great homeschooling room, we do end up twice a week or so at the dining room table. Sometimes you just need a surface and a chair and some space away from everyone else’s talking, music, play.

If you google for “homeschool rooms,” you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your own space. And, bonus, these people cleaned for you!

The bright colors paired with the great natural light make this such an inviting space!

I remember when you were wondering what to put in that shadow box. The paper dolls were the perfect choice! I can’t believe what a difference it made when you switched the two rooms. They both feel like they were “meant” to be that way now. And I want to marry that shade of blue.


5 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Space

    • This is literally the best the room is ever going to look. You should see it right now. The kids didn’t pick up before bed last night and it looks like Toys R Us threw up in there.

      • It looks so clean! I dont know about now, though, I’ll take you word for it. I know I’m jealous about Toys R Us because I have a lot of chickens, and sometimes they get inside, and what the floor looks like then I’ll leave to your imagination. Yay for easy wipe floors. *sob*

  1. Looks great! I can see many spaces ready to be used for inspiration, very inviting. Our main work/play spaces are right off the kitchen as well – so useful!

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