Sautéed Zucchini Coins with Herbs and Feta

Don’t click on picture to enlarge unless you want to fall in love

By the end of the garden season generally zucchini is vegetable non-grata around here. Unfortunately, squash bugs decimated our squash plants this year and so we never got around to becoming desperately tired of zucchini. Almost every time I get a few in my produce box I am begged to make this dish. My kids fight over it. Sometimes there is phyiscal violence over the last of it.

Sautéed Zucchini Coins with Herbs and Feta

2 medium zucchini cut into coins (then halved if they are too big)
2 cloves garlic cut into slivers
Italian herbs (I use Mrs. Dash Italian)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Olive Oil

Heat the oil over medium heat. When heated add the garlic and zucchini. Add seasoning and salt and pepper. Cook over the medium heat for several minutes without stirring, until browned and then flip over and do the other side. When browned turn off the heat, let sit for a minute and sprinkle with feta. The key elements are the slower cooking to carmelization and the magic of feta.

Yum! I love simple dishes like this. I’ve never had feta with my zucchini, but it sounds fantastic!

Why must you tempt me with dairy?! This looks great. I am pretty particular about how my zucchini is cooked and I will have to try this.


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