Babymoon — A Love Poem


I’m thankful for my eyes that I may see you,
Your little face, bulbous nose, funny lips, your chubby belly, itsy-bitsy toes.

I’m thankful for my ears that I may hear you,
Your cries, your grunts, your coos, your greedy suckling, your tiny sneezes.

I’m thankful for my nose that I may breathe you in,
Your sour breath, your sweet skin, the top of your head, oh the top of your head.

I’m thankful for my voice that I may speak to you,
Give words to my love, tell you stories, soothe you with my songs.

I’m thankful for my hands that I may lay them upon you,
Hold you, pat you, stroke you, assure that I am with you, strong, and I’ll protect you.

I’m thankful you are my baby, and I’m so happy you are here.


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