Meta Blogging

If you write a blog I can almost guarantee that at least occasionally while you’re in the middle of doing something even vaguely interesting, you start mentally writing a blog post to go along with it.

On Sunday I had been pondering what to write about for the week as I started to make breakfast. It was one of those throw together things I have on hand but as it came together I snapped some pictures and started thinking of a snappy name for it—Autumn Harvest Skillet.

The ingredients were promising –bacon (because you can’t go wrong with bacon), sweet potatoes and red onions for good color, some truffle oil and sage leaves for some pretentious flavor, backyard fresh eggs for a wholesome touch… Before I was too far along in the throwing things into the skillet I’d decided it was going to be a masterpiece and the pictures were going to be beautiful and I’d pin it on pinterest…..

And then I looked at the pictures and it was singularly unappetizing in appearance (aren’t you glad I spared you!). Then we ate it and it was even more “meh” at breakfast.

Gone was my great original recipe blog post, but it made me think about the difference between the reality of our lives and the snippets we present to the world. In blog world often even our catastrophes have a humorous tinge—at least by the time we write about them. Our projects are frozen in time at the perfect moment of completion before a toddler comes along and drops it or the dog chews on it and our recipes are always beautiful and appreciated by all. Well, except when they aren’t and we get all philosophical about it all and write an anti-good recipe post.

I have two “humorous failure” blog posts to put up when I find them humorous. That day is not today.

I have done the SAME THING at least twice with recipes. Once was with a gluten free pesto pizza that was disgusting. Blurgh. I think a lot about how we bloggers present ourselves to the world. I try not to come across as perfect in any way, or “holier than thou.” I mean often, if you were to pan out on that attractive picture of a fabulous meal that I nailed, you would see utter chaos. And often, when I do a cool craft project, I neglect my housework and/or my children to finish it.


4 thoughts on “Meta Blogging

  1. I have to crop all my photos so no one else sees the mess I haven’t been cleaning because I’ve been taking photos instead. Quite often I think of this Garfeild cartoon where he is writing his story in his head “Garfeild throw his head back in laughter!” followed by, in small thought bubble letters from the floor “and throws himself right off his chair”. Life is great, we’re ALL human 😀

  2. This is a great topic. As a hater of “perfect” bloggers, I try hard not to ever come off that way. Unfortunately, in my effort to respect the privacy of my family, a lot of the charming realness is not included. I do feel compelled to periodically disclose that things really are not perfect around here, despite the occasional appearance to the contrary. I often think I would be funnier and much more popular if I could let it all hang out, but I can’t.

    • It is hard to find that line of humour vs. invasion of privacy. Now that my kids are older, I ask their permission before posting so there is a lot of great material that gets censored.

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