My kids love to march around. It started with my father-in-law teaching them to march for fun when they were toddlers. He would call out “March. March.” and they would march around waving flags.

Big Dennis, Little Dennis, and Xander

And he even brought their marching game international.

Marching with US flags while in Denmark.

So you can only imagine how well suited my kids were for a co-op class where they read Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

followed by flag making and a parade through the neighborhood.

Sometimes it surprises me how simple a class can be to engage the kids in conversation, free expression, and physical exercise.

Special thanks to Kenna for holding the class and making this post possible. Now go make me a pie, woman!

What a neat class! I’m sorry we missed that one. =(

Looks like a fun parade! And aww, look at little Dennis and Xander!


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