Cake Wreck Grammar

While I wouldn’t consider myself a grammar nazi, I have a few keystone grammatical standards that have caused me to  state more than once that I will consider myself a failure as a parent and home educator if I raise children unable to distinguish between there/they’re/their, to/too/two, and your/you’re. My kids may or may not have been led to believe that their facebook accounts will implode if they exceed a mysterious quota of misspelled words and faulty grammar.   And still, Alex once texted me at work asking about some assignments I’d left behind for them, “Were is are gramer at?”   Sigh.  It is a work in progress, this home education gig.

My goal is to create children this neurotic

There are so many great examples around us every day of glaring grammatical errors to use in our education but few of them are as yummy as Cake Wrecks .   I’d used the site for the occasional grammar check before but after reading her post  World Educator   I decided it would be fun to make it a semi-regular break from our regular Langage Arts.

This morning we paged through the site and I had the kids point out errors and how to fix them.  NOTE: Do this without pre-viewing at your own peril.  I can snicker over penis shaped cakes with my teens but even still there were pages that I declined to share!  Not all of her posts would be rated as family friendly.

After correcting many a you’re/your and some errant apostrophes and quotations I asked Alex if it made him see the importance of good grammar.   His response?  “Well, it does make me want to eat cake.”

Tomorrow I think I’ll see if they corrected enough cake wrecks to pass The Oatmeal’s Twitter Spelling Test

Now I want cake! It’s really a great idea, and we’re going to definitely do this. With previewing by me, of course.

Those sites are great! It’s fun to laugh at other people’s mistakes, and it’s part of our job as educators to make learning fun, so win/win! This whole post cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh!


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