This Month’s Cheap eBook list

I’ve already shared my usual cheap-or-free eBook sources. I thought I’d give some recommendations from what is on sale for November at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Remember to check those sites daily for their low cost daily deals.

Jodi Picoult isn’t my style but if you like your heart to be ripped out, stomped on, and put back in (more or less) better shape than it started in, for $2.99, you can’t beat Keeping Faith.

Do you watch the TV show Castle? Whatever station it is on has decided to capitalize on their (fictional) main character’s (fictional) career as a (fictional) bestselling author and have a serious of ghost writers write his books. A few of them are under $2 for both the Nook and the Kindle. They even show the author’s picture as Nathan Fillion, the beautiful, beautiful man who plays Richard Castle.

Did I lie?

Need more critical thinking in your life? Tired of thinking common sense is always the sensible thing? Like to buy books that seem to be randomly priced? Try SuperFreakanomics for only $3.79.

I am FOR SURE buying Planet Tad ($1.99) for my MAD magazine humored children.

In the world of the creepy and the crawly, I’m interested in Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart. I’ve not read it but the non-fiction yet comical look at bugs is sucking me in. Am I the only one? I may be.

Look away if the word “feminist” turns you off. Gloria Steinem’s Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions is a collection of her essays. I’ve read some of the essays but not all of them. For $2.99, this is something I think needs to be in my collection. If nothing else, get your hands on “If Men Could Menstruate.” Do it.

While I’ve heard criticism of the translation and I generally blame translation on any foreign book I don’t like (looking at you, rambling Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), The Hangman’s Daughter priced at $2.99 gives me pause enough to try it out.

I would be remiss — with a roundhouse kick to the face — to not mention Chuck Norris’s Memoir. - When Chuck Norris was born, the doctor naturally slapped him on the behind. Fortunately for the doctor, he was in a hospital at the time.

Find any good deals lately? Share them in the comments!

Oh I may have to check out Super Freakonomics. Loved the first one. And yes, Nathan Fillion is a beautiful man.

Thanks for the list! Max made up a Chuck Norris joke one day when he was wondering out of the blue about how Chuck Norris feels about all the shenanigans. It goes, “What does Chuck Norris do when someone tells him a Chuck Norris joke. He punches them in the face.”


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