Another way to Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that the average American family wastes about 14% of the food they buy annually? To put it in perspective, if you were to give make your child give up 14% of their school lunches, they would have to skip lunch 25 school days out of a 180 day school year.

Most of us know a good amount of tricks to help reduce food waste. (Check out Lara’s post on meal planning for the spontaneous cook using Evernote.) Meal planning, freezing bulk purchases, freezing bits of leftover veggies to later throw in soups or casseroles, etc.. However, when feeding a family and buying lots of bulk items, it can still be challenging. I mean, we have an extra fridge, and a deep freezer in the garage, and it can sometimes be tough to keep track. I devised a new system that I’m hoping will help all of us in the family.

This is just a cheap, mini dry erase magnet board. We keep it on the kitchen refrigerator, and add or cross things off as they come and go.

I took the pic before writing out the food items, ’cause that just seemed a little too personal for some reason. =/

With the new baby and all, I also hope it will help my husband since he is taking over a good amount of the meal prep for a little while.

I will keep you all posted on how it works out for us.

Making and maintaining a pantry and deep freeze list are on my list of things to do when I become actually organized rather than fake organized. Update us on how it works!

This is one of those dream organizational projects that I know, from experience, that I don’t have what it takes to maintain. But I love the idea. I’m huge on meal planning, which helps. But since I do buy in bulk, this would be SO helpful. If I could maintain it…


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