Last Minute Mama and Baby Costumes

I am the queen of last minute costumes. Every year I can remember, I’ve been working on costumes up ’til the moment we leave the house, and sometimes even in the car on the way to wherever we’re going. This year, I bought all of our costumes for the first time ever (with a new baby I didn’t want the pressure of making costumes), so I have no last minute work to do. Woo hoo! I did, however, wait until the last minute to come up with a Halloween post, so I thought last minute costume ideas was fitting.

I love this creative mama’s idea to go as a popcorn vendor. So cute! It’s a no-sew project, too. Click for the tutorial.

It’s a monkey in a tree! How cute is that? You’d have to buy the monkey costume, or a koala bear or something similar, but the rest would be easy to make. And to save time and money, you could just give the baby monkey ears and a tail. So cute!

Or, you can have an owl in a tree. This mama’s tree costume is even simpler, and there is a full tutorial for the quick, easy owl hat on her blog. Click the pic to go there.

Last year, my friend Kellie from Our Mindful Life blog dressed as a tree (similar to above), and her baby was a “tree hugger.” It was so cute!

This year, I went as an angel, and my baby a demon. You could make a demon hat using the owl hat tutorial, only red and without the eyes and beak obviously.

That’s me in the angel costume, and my friend is holding Leon. You can kind of see his devil hat.

A couple of years ago, my son and I went as super heroes. I used colored duct tape for the costume. (Click the pic for a tutorial.) If you were pinched for time, you could do the kid’s costume like mine, just adding the duct tape over their clothes.

Duct tape super heroes!

Look! The baby is a dummy! Well, a “figure,” or a ventriloquist doll to be precise. You could dress up like a performer, and keep your little “dummy” on your knee. I would add freckles to his face, personally, but otherwise, he’s perfect!

Have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween!

These are all so cute! Enjoy the days of getting to pick your child’s costume!

One year, Dennis and I went as bees and Lars went as a bee catcher. That’s as far as our family costuming has ever gone but if I ever end up doing that whole baby thing again, I’m living it up on Halloween. I really like the monkey-and-tree idea.


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