Crafty Fun Time — Monsters!

Throwing Halloween parties is sort of my thing. I have a kid one for our homeschool group at the park every year and then an adult women-only party at my house.

Enter cold weather.

We ended up moving the kid party to my house. When, oh, when did I schedule these parties for? Back to back days.

Two parties, two days, one house.

Observation #1: The children were less messy than the adults.

Observation #2: The adults did less crafts than the children.

Here is a quick and fun craft we did with the kids that the adults opted out of doing.


Toilet paper rolls

Googly eyes



Crepe paper

I made the two pictured here so the kids had an idea what we were going for but the rest was up to them. They had fun and made a decent amount of mess. But not as much as the adults.

And, since you asked, I’ll show you one picture from the adult women only party. Lara and I went as citizens of the Panem Capitol. Haven’t read or seen The Hunger Games? Then we went as weirdly dressed people.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Both parties were awesome!

Yes, what Lara said! I had a ton of fun at both!


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