Triptych Map

Normally, when I see someone do a project that I love, I use their work as inspiration for something of my own. It is rare that I lift a project, recreating it as-is. This is one of those rare projects.

I saw it on Pinterest, and new immediately that I had to make one. I searched for hours and hours on different websites like Amazon,,  and, and couldn’t find an affordable (let’s be clear: by affordable, I mean cheap) map that I liked as much as this one from Barnes and Noble. So that’s what I used. It’s the same one from the original project by Christy Wrights.

Okay, mine isn’t exactly like hers. I used the bigger map (50″ x 32″), and where she used an 18 x 24 canvas in the middle, and 2 12 x 24 canvases on the outside, I used a 12×24 in the middle, and 2 18×24 canvases on the outside. So yeah, mine’s totally different. I like to be original. If you wanted three canvases of the same size, I would recommend using three 15 x 30 canvases.

The project took a little bit of time, but overall was pretty easy. All I did was glue them to the canvases using Mod Podge (working in small areas to smooth out wrinkles as I went), and then after they were dry, I applied a layer of matte finish Mod Podge to the top to saturate the colors, seal and protect the paper, and give it a more finished look.

One nice thing about working with maps is that the latitude and longitude lines make it really easy to line it up properly. The canvases were $9 apiece, and the maps (I had to use 2) were $7.99 each. So, the whole project cost me $43. Not too bad for a huge piece of art work!

Its home for now is in my living room over the sofa, but the walls in my bedroom are a soft, sky blue, and it looks even better in there. I’ll probably end up moving it when I figure out something better for over my sofa. I love the project though, it was totally worth the work, and it’s definitely a keeper.

I saw this in person and even distracted by an adorable baby I noticed how cool it looked.

This does look even more amazing in person (as does your little baby!) but you HAVE to move it to your bedroom. The colors work so well together. We must find an even better triptych for the living room. I think Monet’s Water Lilies would look great but I’m pretty sure it’s not for sale.


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