The Downside of Halloween Candy

I’m a huge fan of Halloween and of chocolate. Know what I’m not a fan of? Slavery.

What is the connection between Halloween chocolate and slavery? The Ivory Coast.

I carry many a’soapbox around but avoid standing on them too often. Mainly because I want people to listen to me when I do stand on one. So I’m just a girl, standing on my soapbox, asking you to buy fair trade chocolate.

Like my boots?

Why buy fair trade chocolate? Read I said, You said’s great blog post and get the facts on the reality of slavery on the Ivory Coast. Please note how large, multinational businesses choose not to use their considerable influence and wealth to combat this problem.

And I have to ask — as Americans, would we be ok with Hershey using slave labor in their US based factories? Would we continue buying Hershey chocolate if we knew children were working there? Of course not! We would be outraged. Where is the outrage for the children of the Ivory Coast?

Where to buy fair trade chocolate? If you do a Google search, there are tons and tons of links. More than I could put in this blog post. But the one I have ordered from and personally recommend is The Natural Candy Store.

Why not just skip chocolate and purchase something else to give out on Halloween? Because it’s CHOCOLATE! If you have to choose between slave-labor produced chocolate and lollipops, go with the lollipops. They are preferable to slavery in every way. Take away the slavery (please!) and chocolate once again reigns supreme.

In short:

chocolate – slavery = nirvana

chocolate + slavery = what is wrong with this world

Have a happy and ethical Halloween!

Guilt free chocolate—what could be better than that!


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