$8 Lamp Makeover and an Epiphany

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who lives in a house full of cute, stylish accents. The kind of person who finds bargains and turns them into neat, lovable pieces. This all started years ago when my 10 yr old was a baby. My husband and I got cable for the first time, and I became hooked on all the home improvement and decorating shows on TLC and HGTV. My favorites were Trading Spaces, Design on a Dime, Decorating Cents, and any other show that worked on a tight budget. I liked those shows the best because they bought, made, or fixed up things that I could actually afford to recreate.

The only problem was that I never really had the nerve to actually do what they did. For whatever reason, I’d watch the shows, but still live in a home with mostly bare, white walls, and mismatched furniture. My style was virtually undetectable because I didn’t have anything by which to define it. Okay, I still crafted, and I still made gifts for others, but as far as home decor went, I was clueless no matter how many hours of viewing I logged. (And believe me when I say I logged a lot of hours.)

Fast forward a little bit. About 3 years ago, my husband and I bought these lamps for our bedside tables for $8 apiece. They were cheap, but they had clean lines, a good shape, and I knew I could improve on them. I thought maybe I’d embroider them, maybe I’d paint them and hang tassles or add rosettes, or maybe I’d cover them in fabric. As usual, I dreamed of all the things I would do to them, but never actually did anything. For 3 years, I’ve looked at them every day wanting to fix them up.

Finally, I decided to stencil them, and just went for it.

I love the way it turned out! Now I have a cute little lamp that adds color, texture, and character to my room.

I realized after doing this project that now I am one of those people who fills her house with cute, stylish pieces either bought, found, bargained, refurbished, or created. It took me years to gain the courage (and know-how, which I’m still learning), and it feels good! I still have  along way to go, as I’m working one little piece at a time, developing skills, and discovering my style as I go. But one day people will walk into my home, and immediately get a sense of who I am and what I’m all about, which is decidedly not mismatched furniture and bare white walls.

I’m writing this in case you’re like me, always wishing you could do these fun little projects, but not knowing where or how to start. Just pick something and go for it! If you don’t like how it turns out, that’s okay. It counts as experience, which you need to get better. But then again, you might end up with a piece you love. You never know until you try!

I love your lamp makeover!

The lamp looks fantastic! I have had people say “someone has an artistic eye” when coming in my home. I have to decide between taking the credit unjustly or giving it to Lars. He’s all about doing things differently and gives me the courage to try different things. I don’t know that I would have the confidence to have a purple entry, a green hallway, an orange and yellow sitting room, and a teal family room without him saying “it’ll work.”


2 thoughts on “$8 Lamp Makeover and an Epiphany

  1. Love it! I’m one of those people, mostly because of a) money b) time c) lack of confidence and d) lack of a space/house that’s ‘mine’. We’re getting there slowly, but articles like this, and thinking about my caravan, that gives me hope I’ll get there someday. Thanks! 🙂

    • No problem! It took me 10 years to get there. Now I’ve become one of those people who sees everything as a potential project. =D

      And just so you know, I’ve got all those restraints, too. Very limited income, a tiny rental house, and a busy schedule. That’s why the projects are few and far apart. But at least I have the confidence now! That’s the important one, I think.

      I can’t wait to see what you do next in the caravan!


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