A Homeschooler’s Chalice Lighting

Education is a winding process that doesn’t end with school. Nor does it start with school. When a close friend of the Three Blind Wives was recently asked to speak in her Unitarian Universalists church meeting about lifelong learning, she shared her experience on her blog at my insistence. And now I share it with you! Raegan is the perfect person to speak on this topic as she continually learns and grows as a person. A few years ago, she told me “I don’t read fiction.” And now she recommends fiction books to me. She is always moving forward. One excerpt from her blog post:

There is an educational philosophy called Unschooling, which holds that learning is a natural part of living and takes place throughout life. It includes the concept of Lifelong Learning–that I have just as much responsibility to pursue self-education regarding my own interests as I expect of my children. And can’t we all learn more…about the world, about ourselves, about our roles within our relationships and communities?

What have you learned lately? How has your world view shifted or changed over the years? What are you doing today that you weren’t doing a year ago?

For me, I’m blogging. I’m writing with a regular deadline and meeting that deadline. I’m taking a creative writing class and am expected to have a short story completed at the end of the 8 weeks. I spend a decent amount of time each week remembering that I canNOT do this. It is outside of my abilities to write a completely contained, consistent, and — to be blunt — worthy of reading story. So my challenge right now is to spend the next 4 weeks proving that I can do it. It is within my abilities and, at the end, learn that creative writing is something I can do.

Read the complete piece here at Raegan’s blog: What’s Happening. While you’re there, check out her homeschool room and her post about racial identity and a great post about teaching art appreciation at young ages (with book recs!).

I’ve always thought that the best way to ensure you raise interesting, thoughtful, educated people is to be an interesting, thoughtful, educated person. Good for you for giving your needs priority. I can’t wait to read your short story!

Great post! I hope you share your story. I do think often that perhaps the fact that I am constantly learning and trying new things rubs off on the kids in a more important way than many of the lessons I try to more directly teach. I would guess the biggest “new” thing we’ve done this year is with our backyard homesteading. I would have never guessed ten years ago that this would be where I’d be now!


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