Cheap No-Sew Halloween Costumes

I may have mentioned a couple of times on this blog that I don’t sew. It is quite possibly a deep seated issue based on psychological trauma from witnessing my mother stressing out over the required sewing of dance recital costumes—in 1976 it was assumed you had both the ability and the time to sew complicated costumes.  It was an assumption that, sadly, should not have included my mother. But I digress–you are not my therapist and this is not a post about sewing. It is a post about not sewing—not sewing Halloween costumes in particular.

I never really cared much that I couldn’t sew until I saw the Halloween costumes that were in my price range when my eldest was young. While I wasn’t about to take on sewing, I did discover that there was a lot you could do with a sweat suit, some fabric glue and peel and stick felt to make a passable costume for under ten bucks.

Tiger – Black sweatshirt and pants, soccer sock from bottom of closet, cheap cat ears headband, orange peel and stick felt cut into “tigerish” stripes

Mouse -Gray sweatshirt and pants, white peel and stick felt on belly, gray fun foam tail and ears (attached to any headband)

Caterpillar/dragon/sea monster – Green hoodie and pants, green stick on fun felt and green and yellow pom poms.

Butterfly – Black shirt, some fabulous shiny fabric and lots of fabric glue. I swear not a stich of sewing on this. I bow down at the alter of fabric glue–and this lasted for years in the dress up box

For the ultra frugal out there, I should note that with the exception of the butterfly costume no sweat suit was harmed in the production of these costumes.   The peel and stick felt came right off after the big night leaving the sweat suit for general use or ready to be the base of another cheap costume.

While these may not win any costume contests, they were comfy, warm and pretty darn cute. Of course, kids as cute as these could distract from some pretty bad costume designing.

Peel and stick felt, you say? Tell me more! Super cute costumes and even cuter kids!

Omg, those are all so cute! You’re right, the adorable children certainly help, but I think the costumes are great! I’ve never used peel and stick felt before (I didn’t even know it existed!), but I will now!


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