Mama and Baby Update

I thought I’d update you faithful readers who have been following along throughout my pregnancy and Leon’s birth. We are both doing great. My surgery was all best-case scenario, my recovery has coming along great, and Baby Leon is healthy and sweet as can be. Thank you so much to everyone who has kept us in your thoughts and prayers.

And now, picture time!!!

This is our first pic of us with our new baby. The surgery was a little on the long side, but went really well.

This is after one of his early nursing sessions. It’s that swollen lip, satisfied belly look that most mamas know well.

Is there anything sweeter than baby fingers.

You can see how interesting he was to the kids in the hospital room (those are my kids and their cousins.) Grandma, however, was enthralled.

It took Oliver (who just turned 4 in July) a while to warm up to the baby, but now he loves his little brother.

Oliver likes to ask, “Am I’m his big brother?” Then he smiles hugely when we say yes.

Max, however took no time to fall in love. We call Leon his “mini me”, ’cause they look so much alike.

Max loves to “babysit” for me while I run to the bathroom, or make a quick trip to the kitchen.

I wish this picture wasn’t blurry, but I love how cute he looks in his little blue diaper.

I think Daddy is a little worn out!

Leon’s first ride in the baby sling. He loves it!

And finally, my favorite picture. Could he be any more perfect?

Awww, he really is such a cutie. I’ll have to come sit and stare at him some more sometime soon.

Jeff reported that you were in a good place going in to surgery, which was good since I worried enough for the both of us. I love you and your sweet family and the very happy ending to Leon’s birth story.


3 thoughts on “Mama and Baby Update

  1. Beautiful and amazing. So glad you included pics, fun to see his first few days. Leon is absolutely adorable and you all look so very contented and in love with him. congrats on the safe arrival of your son! What a wonderful family he has joined!

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