An Ode to the Common Onesie

Nothing makes me wish I was a whizz (or even a smidgeon competent) at sewing or knitting more than a new baby to sew or knit for.   Oh the time I’ve wiled away perusing pinterest thinking of all the things I’d like to make.   The practical side of me generally leans towards something practical.    That led me down the rabbit trail of all the ways you can mod the ordinary onesie.   They can be cute, but practical, and they show off those chubby baby legs that just beg to be nibbled.

An itty bitty tool belt?

OMG, baby in a bow tie.   Swooon.

Well, we know this would work for baby Leon!

And we know this will be true occasionally.

But that this will be true all the time!

Original art by Charlie’s daughter Eden

But what can compete with kid art on a onesie?   I say nothing.

Omg, those are all so cute! Lara, I think it’s time you learned how to sew already. You damn well talk about it enough. ;D

These are adorable! We had one that had a picture of Darth Vader on it and said “Who’s your Daddy?” I love a good onesie.


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