Gifts for a New Mom After C-Section

A year or so ago, a woman on a parenting group wanted to make a care package for a friend having a c-section. She’d never had one before, so wanted to ask ideas from those who had. I have had a good amount of experience with this, so I thought I’d share here in case anyone else was wondering the same. When this posts, I will be in the hospital recovering from my third c-section, or possibly just getting home. Hopefully Charlie has been keeping you all up to date with how well I’m doing, and how amazing my new baby boy is.

Keep in mind when making a care package that a c-section can be extremely traumatic, especially when unplanned. I had two unplanned c-sections before this one, and both were devastating to me. I was like a raw nerve afterward. I’ve heard of people giving moms journals or books on how to process the experience, but I would steer clear of that. I know if I received something like that, I wouldn’t respond so well. I recommend keeping things light. Not everyone is ready to process the experience right away. Sometimes a person just has to do what they can to simply make it through the day for a while.

If I were to put together a care package, or a gift basket for a new mom after a c-section, here’s what I would include:

1. Non-perishable, healthy snacks and drinks. Something she can keep handy without having to get up to retrieve or prepare as she will need to be lying down quite a bit for the first couple of weeks to heal.

2. A pretty new headband/scarf or two. This one would be good for any new mom, but especially one after a c-section. It’s hard to fix your hair on top of everything else for that first week or two, and there’s always a lot of company coming by. A head band or scarf is a quick way to feel pretty.

3. A couple of movies or a tv show. I recommend something on the lighter side. Nothing too sad, and nothing that will make her think too hard. I love a good heavy, cerebral movie, but right after having a baby, my head is far too fuzzy and full, especially if I’m using pain meds. I want my fiction to be of the sweep me up and take me away variety.

Recommendations for movies: Elizabethtown, Little Miss Sunshine, Sunshine Cleaning

Recommendations for tv shows: Pushing Daisies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arrested Development, Modern Family, Smash

4. A good book or two. Again, you want escapist, sweep me up sort of fiction. Something really yummy. A friend of mine gave me the Outlander series after I had my last baby. It is a cross genre series, combining sci-fi, romance, and historical fiction. It’s something I never in a million years would have picked up. And honestly, when I read the back of the book, I thought, “Yeah. Thanks but no thanks.” Then after a couple weeks of marathon breastfeeding, I picked it up, and omg, it changed my life! I was so wrapped up in those books. It’s still outside of my normal reading area, but I loved every minute of it.

5. Aroma therapy, nice lotion, or some other small pampering items. It’s hard to watch the laundry pile up, and your normal chores and grooming habits slip to the wayside. It can be nice to have a little something, especially something that smells good, to give you a lift. Keep in mind whether she uses all natural products or not.

I hope this helps. If you’ve had a c-section, is there anything you would add to the list?

Great advice!

These are good ideas! A mom recovering from a c-section is likely to still have recovery after her partner goes back to work. I needed these things the first week after having my children but I had Lars home to fetch them for me and to keep the house running while I took it easy. Longer than a week and I would have needed people to bring in the support items for me.


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