Q, E, and P — la segunda parte

I already posted about my first quick, easy, and practical gift: the bath roll. Here is the second homemade baby gift of the day — the hooded towel. It is nearly as quick and easy as the bath roll and even more practical.

Maybe Daniél can post a picture of Leon all curled up in this because I don’t think any picture will ever do it justice like that would.

Items needed

1 super, duper, extra soft bath towel

1 super, duper, extra soft coordinating hand towel

Like the bath roll, this is going to be the instructions for the basic project that I will expect you to go all Martha Stewart on. Add ribbon to the end of the towel. Add spikes to the hood for a dinosaur. Eyes for a frog. Use a red towel and add black spots for a lady bug. Embroider (or applique) like you’ve never embroidered (or appliqued) before. Get down with your creative self.

The hand towel will form the hood so let’s start there.

Fold the hand towel in half and stitch the sides closed.

My freehand photoshop ability is inconsistent from one moment to the next.

When the sides are stitched, lay the whole piece down with the side seam down. This will give you two triangles at the top. Push one triangle in to the other to form a hood.

That made no sense reading it but I promise that when you sit down to do the project this step will be super obvious. Here’s a picture just to help you see what it will look like when you’re done.

See? It makes a hood that is fully lined. That doesn’t matter for a hooded towel but now you can move on to hooded cloaks, Jedi costumes, etc.

Now lay your bath towel sideways and find the center. Line your hood seam up with the center and pin it in place. Sew the hood on and you are done!

Oh, and I suggest cutting off all the tags or you’ll be trying to do so after the hood is sewn on. It doesn’t work so well.

Add in a matching wash cloth or two and pair it with the bath roll for a complete bathing beauty homemade bath set.

UPDATED PIC added 10/10:

Leon loves it! It’s so soft, and the size of it is perfect! This is such a great gift. We couldn’t have bought one like this in the store. We love it! ~Daniél 

I can’t wait to see baby Leon snuggled up in this!

I love it so much. It is sooooooooo soft. And I love that you made it big enough that he can grow into it. It’s not something I can only use for a few months. I will definitely add a picture of him snuggled up in it when we all get home.


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