Quick, Easy, and Practical

Three of my favorite words to use when describing a homemade gift.

There is something to be said for long and tricky gifts as well. As well as keepsake gifts. My aunt made all of my children quilts when they were born. They were not quick or easy but mean everything to me. I know Daniél received a GORGEOUS quilt from one of our mutual friends that will likely be one of the most treasured things Leon ever receives.

That said, from me Daniél gets quick, easy, and practical.

I split this into two posts as to not bog down one and also to make searching easier.

Gift number 1: the bathroll

I saw this in a magazine years and years and years ago. This can be embellished in a million different ways. I employed none of those ways, but I encourage you to do so.

For the basic project, you need:

1 hand towel

2 pieces of ribbon several inches long

a pack of wipes

a change of baby clothes

a tube of diaper cream

a few newborn diapers (though Daniél is using a diaper service so I didn’t include diapers)

Fold the hand towel up about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way and stitch the sides closed. Be sure to put one piece of ribbon in one of the sides before sewing it closed. Put the other ribbon aside.

Place the gifts you are including in the pocket you just created. We are going to turn this big pocket into smaller pockets for these items. Using pins, mark where you want to sew based on the size of your items. Go back to your machine and stitch them closed.

I left a pocket between the onesies and the diaper cream for a diaper.

After your pockets are stitched closed, put your items in their pockets and roll this up — starting on the side without ribbon.

When you have it rolled, you can better see where to add your second piece of ribbon. This is important: place on a pocket seam! We need to sew it down and since this is already folded over and the pockets are already formed.

Pin it in place, sew it down, and now you can tie your roll!

Be sure to remember to check out baby gift #2 — a hooded towel.

I love it!

Yes, I am in love with the quilt I received, but I love this and the hooded towel as well. It was fun opening it and seeing what was inside. Jeff said, “Is there cash in one of those pockets?” Haha!


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