Repurposed Wall Calendars

I have always been a sucker for a good wall calendar. Can you blame me? They have gorgeous, high resolution photos or artwork. Every year since my 10 (almost 11) yr old was 1, he has received a calendar as one of his Christmas gifts. And every year, I look forward to, and take very seriously, the selection of my wall calendar which is always displayed in my kitchen.

Early in my marriage, I saved my calendars thinking I’d one day use them for something, but after one of our moves when we were decluttering, my husband said, “Can we please get rid of the calendars? You never use them, and they just take up space.” I agreed. Of course, just a couple of years after that, I started finding uses for them. Now I will never throw them out again! (Love you, honey. 🙂

This first calendar repurpose is one of my favorite projects ever. I had found an old, vintage sewing box, or tackle box, or something, at a little fabric consignment shop here in KC called Fabric Recycles. I saw the box, and knew it would be perfect for Max for his art supplies. It was a little beat up and drab, but it was his favorite color, and I knew I could somehow fix it up and make it one of his Christmas or birthday gifts.

I held onto it for a good 8 or 9 months before I got the idea. He had this chicken wall calendar that he just adored. See, I don’t know why, but since age 4, before ever even seeing one in person, he’s had a thing for chickens. So, I got the idea to cut out some of the chickens from the calendar, and mod-podge them to the box. All the letters I used came from calendars and magazines.

Can you believe a creature exists in nature that looks so comical? (the chicken, not Max.)

Get it, chicken scratch? It’s for his art supplies…

Each side has a different chicken on it. Recognize the one on this side from the calendar pic?

FYI, decoupage glue (mod-podge) may not work on all plastic. This one was textured and pretty matte to begin with. (It’s shiny now, ’cause I used gloss finish mod-podge on all over it.) I sanded it to make it a little more porous, and everything stuck beautifully and has stayed firmly in place for nearly a year. I tried decoupaging a baby wipes container once, and the pictures peeled right off.

I also used a couple of old calendars last year as a wall display in my kids’ room. I had planned to matte and frame the pictures (and still might one day), but due to time and money restrictions at the time, I decided to just hang them frameless.

They each got 3 of their favorite animals over their bed.

Here are Max’s closeup.

Here’s a gratuitous picture of Oliver last summer on his bed.

Have you ever reused a wall calendar for anything? I look forward to coming up with new ways to use mine.

I love the chicken scratch box! We’ve framed calendar pictures and you would never know they started out as a calendar on the clearance bin.

I love the chicken scratch box! My favorite repurposed calendar project is the same as my favorite repurposed book cover, book pages, magazine pages project — decoupage! Furniture, canvases, coasters…


2 thoughts on “Repurposed Wall Calendars

  1. I’ve used the large pictures as posters, but mostly I save them for the mini pictures – they go on cards or bookmarks 😀 Love the Chicken Scratch box – and yes, totally believe that chickens can look that funny! 😀

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