Resources for the Election

Has it been 4 years already?!

Explaining who the US President is and what he does is pretty easy thanks to So You Want to Be President.

The revised edition includes George W. Bush. It does not include Barack Obama and does make mention that no minority has ever been President. While it seems as though that may be a downside to the book, it has illustrated to my children how new it is to have a person of color as the US President. Eli and Eden certainly don’t remember before Obama so this is their normal.

Specifically speaking of the election, no one does it better than Nickelodeon. They can rarely cast a truly gifted actor but when it coms to explaining the electoral process to kids, they’ve got this. They give kids the chance to not only follow the issues but voice their concerns and ideals.

Click on the image to go to the Nickelodeon site.

And if your kids explore the electoral process and think the electoral college is outdated and that we should switch to the popular vote, have them send a card to Al Gore. He probably cares more than anyone else in recent history.

What are you doing to educate your children on the battle waging across the US this fall?

Does watching Jon Stewart count as election education? We’ve been using our critical thinking media analysis to look at some of the campaign adds.

Haha, it’s funny you mention John Stewart, Lara, ’cause I was going to say that Max gets most of his political info from Saturday Night Live. ;D


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