Observations from this week

1. My 13 year old has a very strong and natural writing voice. When I sat down in front of this contraption they call a computer (that I rarely have time to be on) to read the beginnings of his short story, I was so distracted by his story that I forgot I was an editor. Sure the mechanics of his writing are not stellar but his voice and his descriptions and his ability to convey the tone was amazing. We can fix mechanics. The most wonderful part of this is, of course, that he developed this through reading good books, reading so-so books, listening to audiobooks, and partially because he has a mother who says “wait, wait. Read that sentence again. Isn’t that beautiful?”

If I ever cheat on my husband, it will be with Annabel Lee. The alliteration! The rhythm! The imagery! “We loved with a love that was more than a love.” ::swoon::

2. John Lithgow often ends his sentences with the flourish of his hand when speaking publicly. I have decided that I should do likewise.

He also said my kids have “fantastic names” when he signed a book for them. Granted, he may have been covering up that he had to read Xander’s name a few times before writing it but still. He is correct.

It’s easier to listen to him read children’s books if you don’t picture him as the trinity killer. Just FYI.

3. Hummus can only be considered a diet food if you eat less than the whole container in 2 days. There are 700 calories in a 10 ounce container. The more you know.

4. My library moves way too fast reshelving expired holds.

Forever ago: I put some books on hold a while back.

Sunday: Went to library website to see where I was in line for Gone Girl (#885) and noticed that 3 of my holds were in and had expired on Saturday. Cursed the interwebz for never delivering my email notification.

Monday: Went to actual library to pick up the holds hoping against hope that they hadn’t gotten around to dealing with expired holds yet. They did. The books were gone. Damn efficiency.

5. When I did a search for a picture of Edgar Allen Poe for this post, I saw the following.

I fail to see the connection.

Such things amuse me greatly.

What have you observed this week? Did you save them up for a blog post or did you post them on your favorite microblogging social network?

I think a flourish will fit you well!

Academia, here I come! That’s funny. I observed this week that when you’re waiting for something huge, like a baby to arrive soon, time can simultaneously move painfully slow, and too fast to handle.


7 thoughts on “Observations from this week

  1. I’m with you on #4! This week, I observed that some things I notice are not especially noticed by others. For example, I was delighted to paint 4 exterior window trimmings yet nobody else in the family noticed it at all. Yet, anyway!

    • I remember when we were getting ready to sell our house, and I cleaned all the baseboards. Feeling as though no one looking at the house would even notice, I made sure that I looked at the baseboards in every house we looked out. My observation? No one else cleaned their baseboards prior to putting their house on the market.

    • Aha! I had no idea. It’s the trouble with not getting TV reception — no commercials. I had no idea there was a film. Thank you for clearing up my Google search results for me!

      • My pleasure. It is my job to keep up with such things! To be fair, though, the film came and went so fast that even if you had TV reception you could have missed its existence.

  2. It only got 22% on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently not an Oscar contender.

    It does look like the sort of thing I like though. I may enjoy it even if it didn’t make cinematic history.

    • Yeah, it definitely did not fare well at the box office or with critics. I was kind of intrigued by the film, but opted to wait until it is available on my DVR (which it probably has been for months now). I will watch it eventually, even if it is no world beater.

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