Luvs Breastfeeding Commercial

I think we’ve all made it clear here that we support attachment parenting and extended breastfeeding. (Really, we support all types of loving, mindful parenting, but we all practice some form or another of attachment parenting.) We don’t write about our beliefs as often as our latest recipes, craft projects, homeschooling, or adventures in parenting, but occasionally we like to get real. We all wrote a reaction to the Time Magazine breastfeeding cover. Me with my Attachment Parenting Freaks, Charlie with her Let’s Start Some Daddy Wars, and Lara with her Perspective from the Other Side of the Tracks.

Even though that magazine cover was released over 4 months ago, I find that people are still talking about it on a daily. I still believe it is a good thing overall, and that the more attention the subject gets, the more normalized and accepted breastfeeding will become. It’s a logical process. Case in point would be the new Luvs commercial. Have you seen it?

I saw it on facebook, and my initial reaction was, “Omg, that is so true, I love it!” But then, after I started reading some of the comments by viewers (never a good idea), I wasn’t so sure. Here’s the thing: It is quite true that by the time you have a second child, you are way more comfortable with breastfeeding. I love the contrast of not only how comfortable the mother in this commercial is with her second baby, but also how much cooler and more put together she is in general. She’s like, “I got this.” I love her confidence.

Here’s what I don’t like so much: For those who are uncomfortable with nursing, this commercial may be just as confrontational as the Time Magazine cover (which I loved, as I wrote in my previous post on AP). I don’t know if we really need more confrontational breastfeeding media at the moment. I mean, if a waiter approaches a woman wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, does he stand there dumbfounded, unable to look away? Not usually, right? So why is it such a shocker when he sees her nursing her baby? It suggests that A) this is something he never sees in his job, and B) it is way outside of the norm. I was a waiter for a few years, and a breastfeeding mother for a few years. Neither of those is true in my experience.

I think the commercial would have been just as cute if when the waiter shows up, instead of being a little shocked and unable to turn his eyes away, he just notices it, is caught off guard for a second, composes himself, makes eye contact with her older son, then with her, then says, “May I take your order?” Then the mother orders with confidence, and all is well and normal.

My final thought is that while I very much enjoyed the commercial, and I’m glad they made it, I think we still have a long way to go with normalizing breastfeeding in the media.

What do you think of the commercial?

My personal experience mirrors that of the commercial so I thought it was awesome. Yes, I look forward to the day when the waiter doesn’t flinch, but this is encouraging openness during a time when waiters do flinch. I thought it was spot on.

I really didn’t see it as confrontational, just to the point in a humorous way. I’m not going to look at the comments though.


2 thoughts on “Luvs Breastfeeding Commercial

  1. I didn’t like the commercial. I breast fed all three of mine, and for a couple years each. What I don’t like is that a breastfeeding mama has her plunging neckline further pulled down so that she looks more “topless”. If I were nursing in a restaurant I WOULD cover up. I want to feel free to breast feed where ever (and I have) but I don’t bare my breast. I think it’s a matter of manners. If I was at a play date, my friends house, etc, maybe I wouldn’t bother with a cover, but most likely I will always cover a little. As a mother of a nine year old boy, I appreciate it when my breastfeeding friends make an effort to cover just for his sake. Even though he knows the drill and understands the difference, in his 9 yr old brain at least 🙂 Breasts draw attention, we can’t avoid that. I’d rather be that ninja nursing mama who does it and no one even knows, not because I’m embarrassed, but because it’s really nobody’s business but me and baby’s.

    • You bring up a good point. While I don’t personally have a problem with, or think it’s inappropriate how she was nursing, I know that I personally cover up more, too. And a lot of women do. For me it is more because I’m more embarrassed (not by the nursing itself, but by my enormous nursing breasts). I think that’s another reason I felt the commercial was more on the confrontational side. It doesn’t really speak for the people who are pro-public nursing, but also more on the modest side for whatever reason.

      Then again, if I were in a situation where I couldn’t be more discreet, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull my shirt down and do what I had to do to get my baby fed. So again, I like her confidence and steely resolve…

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your perspective.


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