Willy Wonka Birthday Party

Now, some of you might not know this about me, but my #1 favorite film of all time is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I first saw it when I was 4 or 5, and it’s the movie that turned me into a cinephile. Yes, I majored in film studies, so I can academically support my claim that it is one of the greatest movies ever made. 😉 But, that’s for another post.

Recently, a friend from high school (Monica of Elite Party Creations) threw a Willy Wonka party for son’s first bday. When I saw the swoon-worthy pics on facebook, I knew that I needed to share them here. She really went all out, and everything was handmade. She designs fantastic invitations and custom labels in her Etsy store (you can see more pics on her facebook page), so she made a lot of her own stuff, but she also purchased some of it.

This whole party would be easy to recreate. Most of the items are for sale, and the ones that aren’t (like the giant candy props), should be simple enough to recreate. Click on any of the pics to see where each item came from, and feel free to Pin away!

Monica sells candy bar wrappers that are customizable with your kid’s name or nickname. You can send them with the “golden ticket” invitation inside!

And here’s the golden ticket invitation, also made and sold by Monica. (Click the pic to go to her Etsy store.)

An eggdicator from Crackers Art on Etsy

Giant candy props

Candy Buffet sign, part of Monica’s Print at Home Collection

Part of the candy buffet, complete with goody bags for filling

Gift bag closeup

Fizzy Lifting Drink, labels by Serendipity Soiree on Etsy

Wonka Bubbles

Piñata by Piñata Queen on Etsy

Lickable wallpaper… “Snozberry? Whoever heard of a snozberry?”

Cake by Cielito’s Cakes

And finally, here’s the adorable birthday boy in a Willy Wonka t-shirt by Red Bubble on Etsy.

Isn’t that too cool? Be sure to check out Monica’s store or her facebook page to see more of her awesome creations. If you ever need invitations or announcements for anything, she’s got some pretty amazing ones, some are even printable, and all reasonably priced.


3 thoughts on “Willy Wonka Birthday Party

  1. Oh snap. This is genius! What a fun theme. Now only if my kid could get interested in Willy Womky in 6 months for a 2nd birthday theme….

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