Homeschooling Foodie Kids

Most people are familiar with the various learning modalities—that some kids are auditory learners, some are kinesthetic and some are visual. My kids fall under a new category—let’s call it the gustatory learning style. They learn through their stomach.

Studying ancient Greece?

We made baklava.

We made dumplings

Studying USA geography?  If you’ve followed the blog for long you already know this one. For Chocolate Mountain Majesties

We’ve made cell models out of candy.

You know what? Forget I shared this. I’m totally blogging this project after Halloween

When we study genetics?  We’re totally making this: How to Make a DNA Model With Licorice

We’ve made our own pop with yeast, made solar ovens (and cooked in it), done all kinds of bazaar things with eggs…

Math?  Everyone thinks of  fractions and cooking of course. But let’s not forget about the prime trail mix

I haven’t tried this yet, but what a way make algebra manipulatives to sweeten up Algebra Solving Equations: How Sweet it Is

And let’s not limit ourselves to the obvious subjects.  Language Arts has all kinds of opportunities for food.

Sentence diagramming? Much more fun with skittles.

And yes, we have made lamb stew with dried plums from The Unoffocial Hunger Games Cookbook

Ok, Ok, pretty much all kids love candy and some of those seem dangerously close to bribery, but If there is a way to pad my kids tummies while learning I’m all over it.

We’re revisiting world geography with a study of the continents and their countries this year so I’ve already pulled out my well worn copy of Eat Your Way Around the World  Who knows, maybe we’ll end up making injera topographic models of Africa,  meatball mountain ranges or plantain peninsulas.

I don’t plan on this trend ending. I already have bookmarked for Highschool Chemistry the MIT OpenCourseware class Kitchen Chemistry and I have on my wish list the Molecular Gastronomy Kit – that has to count as science, right?

If your child loves food try some of these, but more importantly, think about what it is that makes YOUR kid excited and let me know what that is and how you indulge it while learning.


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