A Passion for ModCloth (and a Super Discount for you!)

If you don’t already know about ModCloth, then you are in for quite a treat. It’s an online store that sells all items from independent designers. They have literally everything from fabulous clothes, shoes, and accessories, to home decor, books, games (like Geek Battle and Wordie Wars), and novelty items like journals and themed kitchen items. Most things are reasonably priced, and some are downright cheap! Do a search for “Hello Kitty,” or “Skulls,” “Owls,” “Manga,” “Elephants,” whatever you or whomever you are shopping for is into. You’ll find so. much. stuff.

As far as style goes, they have just about everything from sarcastic tees to 40s vintage inspired to rockabilly to punk to alternative to mod to bohemian to pretty and frilly.

Right now, if you are new to them, and you open an account and place an order using this link, you can get $50 worth of stuff for $30! That’s 40% off! The deal is good until Oct. 2nd.

I discovered it about 2 years ago, and have been window shopping at least a few times a week since. I’ve even actually bought a few things, and I love each one! I thought I’d share a few of them here. Please keep in mind that it is awkward as “H.E. Double hockey sticks” to take pictures of yourself. At least, for me it is.

Okay, the first thing I ever bought was these shoes… They look amazing on, but I’m 36 weeks pregnant, so my feet are too swollen to wear them. If I remember correctly, they cost me $39.99.

My elephant necklace. Oh, I just LOVE my elephant necklace! I get all kinds of complements on it, too. And it was $15!

I also love my Alice in Wonderland necklace. $12, and it’s fabulous!

Recently, they were offering a special where if you referred a friend, and they spent $50, you got a credit. I had a friend order a bunch of Christmas gifts, like journals, and cutesie little things for her kids, so I got to place a new order! I got a couple of scarves for after I have the baby to make my hair feel pretty without actually having to, you know, wash it. This one was $8.

This one (below) actually has a wire running through it, so you can shape it as you like, and it stays on as well as a head band. I love, love, love it! $14.

I also got a really pretty peacock locket. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I can’t wait to find the perfect pictures to put inside. $15.

Finally, I ordered these fantastic red earrings. They are one of my favorite accessories I’ve ever owned. (You can see them above in the polka dot scarf pic, too.) These you really have to see in person to appreciate. $10.

Oh yeah, and they have fabulous swim wear. Even some great plus size suits. They run about $90, but they are supposed to be excellent quality. I’ve wanted one for a couple of years now, but couldn’t ever quite fork over the money. Well, the one below went on a “last chance” sale, and I got it for 70% off! I’m not too proud to post a pic of myself in it, but since I can’t currently wear it (36 weeks pregnant, remember?), the stock photo will have to do. It’s fabulous, super sturdy, and I can’t wait to wear it. I got it for $27! Score!

Just for fun, I’ll share a couple of the dresses I’ve been eyeballing. I don’t own either of these, but I would love to!

I’m so glad they brought back the referral deal, only it’s even better this time! As I mentioned before, if you click on this link and place your first order of $50, you get $20 off and free shipping! That’s a 40% discount for you! Plus, I get a $20 credit for myself!

You have to click on the link I provided to get the deal, and you must not already have an account. (If you do have an account, then you should have a link that you can share with your friends for the same deal.)

Happy shopping!


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