Ultimate Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

This chicken noodle soup starts several months ago with this cute little fuzzy chick.

After nurturing him for several months and when he was not a cute fluffball but a big annoying loud and aggressive rooster he was “processed” and has been in our freezer until recently when the kids begged me to make chicken noodle soup.

First I cooked him in the crock pot, and then made broth with the frame.    This is a complicated process.  You put the chicken in the crockpot and add whatever seasoning you want and then walk away.   Come back several hours later and pull the chicken out, take off the meat and throw the bones back in. Then add water and a dash of vinegar (this helps pull the minerals out of the bones, or so they say) and walk away again.

The next day we made some egg noodles with this recipe. I’d never made noodles before but Alex had been asking to so I thought it would be a fun afternoon project. It was surprisingly easy and didn’t even take that long. We cut the noodles and left them to air out.

Several hours later I chopped some veggies (onion, carrot and celery—sadly not from my garden) and threw them in the pot along with the meat from the chicken and the broth I’d made. I added some seasoning and some frozen corn. In a separate pot I boiled the noodles then drained and added them.

So, did I just write all this out just to point out my level of awesomeness at making a chicken noodle soup as much from scratch as it can be (ok, I could have grown the wheat and then milled my own flour….hmmmm……)? Not at all, though feel free to think I’m awesome. The whole process just made me think about how much goes in to getting our food to that magical place –the grocery store.  How much thought to we put into how our food gets to us on a  daily basis?

This was a fun project, but I can’t even imagine getting one meal to the table like this every week, let alone most or all of them. Though I love getting food from my backyard, the reality is that over 90% of my food comes from the grocery store and at any moment on a whim I can run up there and fetch any manner of exotic items either ready made or to make my food from “scratch”.   If the idea of getting all your food locally intrigues you, I recommend Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.  As for me, I am making it a goal to provide one meal completely with items from my yard.


One thought on “Ultimate Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

  1. Nice recipe! I love that you knew the rooster in the pot, and that he had a good life! I’ve still got the bones of my roast roo in the freezer waiting for a few more to join him, so I can make stock. It’s amazing how much we can just ‘get’. Good amazing :D. Where did I read that saying that running and feeding a family pre-1900’s was the physical equivalent of running a marathon? I’d believe it, anyway. Well done! I’m filing this for ‘other things to do when I get a new batch of large, aggressive roosters.”

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