3D Canvas Art

I’ve been heavily influenced by the putting stuff on canvas and calling it wall art trend. I’m dangerously close to needing an intervention.

Before I am pulled aside and told gently that I might have a problem, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Canvas art items. The common thread in these is that I took a three dimensional object and canvasized it. Charlie caught me at the beginning stages of one project here.   I painted the canvases the color of an alternating wall in the room I intended to hang them and then I got all down and busy with the burlap.

Memorabilia from our trip to Australia. Oh yeah, I just name dropped our biggest vacation.

For a different one I used the same alternative wall paint color for the base but I poked a hole in the canvas and hung our Korean theater mask in the center of it.

The canvas frames smaller 3d items nicely so that they don’t disappear into the wall.   There is no end to items I can slap a bit of glue to and stick on a canvas and call it wall art!


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