Labor Day Lesson Plans

With it being nearly Labor Day in the USA, Daniél was nice enough to let me switch posting days with her so I can share this post before Labor Day. She will be back with her awesomeness on Monday.

I’ve been looking for some topical activities, books, discussion starters, etc for my kids so they can learn what Labor Day is about. Man, there is a lot of crap out there. And by crap, I mean busy work. For the record, most of the time I label a “learning” activity as crap, it usually translates to busy work.

And so often the list of activities was so long that my eyes glazed over. Am I the only one who shuts down when I see huge blocks of text on a computer screen? It’s why I break my posts into so many paragraphs. If they’re too long, I end up being unable to proofread because I fade away. That’s right. I can’t even read my OWN posts when they get too long.

So, I took one for the team. I sifted through the word searches and fill in the blank worksheets for a few resources with good information and engaging activities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a neat look inside careers that fit into interests. Like nature? Click on it and you’ll see a few career options. Click on the ones that interest you and learn the stats behind them — salary, work environment, etc.

The History of Labor Day is not the most exciting read but it’ll give you a background that you can then adapt to your child’s interest level.

These discussion topics start with why people work and move on to child labor issues and our global economy.

Here are some fun games that you can play that also help build language skills. Some work better with a classroom of kids but plenty work with just the family. We’re definitely playing the A-Z game. Having a kid named Xander always makes these games easier. Job? Xander’s teacher. Food? Xander’s sandwich. So easy! *Disclaimer: I don’t endorse all of the ideas on this website. But I like enough that it’s worth including.

You can watch a short video about the history of Labor Day on Be sure to look under “Related Videos” for more!

I hope some of these activities find their way into your lives as you help your child learn about Labor Day and appreciate more than just a day off of school. Or, in our case, to appreciate it as more than just an opportunity to watch Mom and Dad (but mostly Dad) install new flooring.



2 thoughts on “Labor Day Lesson Plans

  1. Thanks Charlie! I wondered where to start with teaching the kids about Labor Day. Not being American, I’m not always 100% certain about the origins of some of the public holidays here. Now I have a good place to start.

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