Cocktail Napkins into Coasters

As I sit here working on my posts for the week, I feel so much gratitude to Lara for basically doing the hard work for me. Her Map Memory Coasters post is the perfect basic intro to homemade decoupage tile coasters.

You can use so many things for this project. Her maps were a perfect personalized touch. Using cocktail napkins, you can also get a personalized touch (think printed napkins from a wedding) or just a splashy touch (think birthday napkins).

Cocktail napkins are generally 3 ply and you do not want all 3 plys to be soaking up the liquid in your glue. While it takes some time, gently caress your napkin, whisper sweet nothings, and eventually the 3 plys will work themselves apart. I suggest starting at a corner. You will keep the layer with the design on it and trash the rest… but I’m pretty sure you are smart enough to already know that.

Cover your tile with decoupage glue and put the super thin napkin layer on top. I work from edge to edge, trying to push out wrinkles as I go. Once it is on, I apply additional layers of glue by starting at the center and pushing the wrinkles out to the edges.

After the napkin is coated with layers of glue and the glue is completely and totally dry, I seal with a spray sealant (I used the Mod Podge brand sealer on these).

Felt feet on the bottom like Lara’s and they are ready to use/gift.

Eden made a set for my in laws last Christmas. And when she was done, she said “what else can I decoupage?!” Everything, honey. Everything.


3 thoughts on “Cocktail Napkins into Coasters

  1. I go through bursts of craftiness in pregnancy so I surely think decoupage would fit perfectly in my upcoming nesting stage!

  2. This is a one of the few crafty-make-your-own-gifts-to-give-to-others things I’ve ever seen that I think I could actually do and that’s cool enough to bother with. That sounds like faint praise but it’s meant to be a grand thank you.

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