I was at a big department store a few weeks ago and from a distance, I saw a really cool necklace. It was long and knotted and had great color. I ran over to it and it was on sale! For $14.99! But that wasn’t the exciting part. The exciting part was that I realized this necklace was just embroidery floss and jump rings.

Um, I can do that with leftover craft supplies I have on hand. For free. No sale needed.

This is really simple. I made a bracelet to try it out because, surely, there was more to this necklace if they were charging $14.99 (on sale!) for it.



Embroidery floss (about 8-10 strands though thicker is fine)

Jump rings (these are in the jewelry section. You want ones with enough a large enough diameter to allow the floss through but not so much that they’re larger than the knots)


Take all the strands of floss in your hand and knot it.

Take 6 or more jump rings and slip them on.

Knot it again.

Add more jump rings.

Continue until you get to the end of your rope. Punny!

Now, you’re actually going to use two jump rings for one of their more usual, mundane, and slightly boring purposes — to attach the clasp.

Pry the jump rings apart a little and slip on a clasp.

Close the jump rings, tie the ends of the bracelet to their respective jump ring/clasp combo, and trim the excess thread.

Super easy and definitely not $14.99 (did I mention that’s the SALE price?) I’m going to work on some necklaces now that I know that it is just as easy as it looked.



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