“Back” to School Pictures

When school doesn’t really start, how can we get back to it? And if our homeschool is defined, in any way, as school, how can we then get back to it when it never ends?

The worst thing about not having back to school is missing the start-of-the-year pictures. I guess I never really missed it until the invention of Pinterest. And now, with a million and one ways to chronicle a single day in your child’s life, how can I withstand the pressure of sending the kids off to school just for the pictures?

Eh. I’ll just take the pictures and then get on with our day. And since everyone around me goes back to school in August, I’ll remember to do them when I see everyone else’s pictures each year.

Love how I plan my life? I do it when someone is there to remind me to do it. If people collectively decided to stop talking about Christmas, I would probably spend Dec 25th in my pajamas watching Midsommer Murder reruns. So, I guess nothing would have changed. Bad example.

Anyhoo, in an idea I’m sure came from Pinterest (that I saw all over Facebook), I present my kids, their ages, and their dreams of the future.


2 thoughts on ““Back” to School Pictures

  1. Great idea,and SUPER gorgeous kids! Awwwwww. I remember I wanted to be a shopkeeper when I was 5. I thought they got to eat as many of their lollies as they wanted. Kids views of the world… 😀

    • Thank you! Yes, I love their view of the world. Eden said “but I want to be a lot of things” so I had her pick her top few 🙂

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