Out with the old clutter…

Once upon a time, I decoupaged an 8 ft folding table in order to create a more perfect homeschool room. 8 feet of workspace! What could go wrong?

I could lose a child in there.

Ok, maybe not quite that bad.  However, it became a dumping ground for random craft supplies, office supplies, paper, toys, etc. Things would get stacked, pushed to the side, occasionally put back in their rightful space, but it was a general mess.

Just to be clear, the above picture really isn’t a picture of my homeschool room and/or workspace table. It could be easy for those skimming to miss but that up there is not my home. For the record and all…

I decided to build a simple desk for that space instead. Less surface = less space = less stuff. Before I got past the decision making and before finding plans and buying wood, a friend asked me if I wanted her daughter’s old desk. Sight unseen I said yes because this solved multiple problems.

1. I didn’t actually want to build a desk.

2. Wood costs money and I’m trying to enforce some austerity measures amongst my  kin.

3. My friend was giving away the furniture because she was moving across the country (MAJOR sadface here) and it gave me a chance to see her one more time before she moved.

There are some fun painted pieces out there on the interwebz and in trendy furniture consignment shops and I decided to do likewise using paint we already had. Green from the hallway, brown from the play kitchen, pink spray paint from a canvas class… Throw in an all white desk and REALLY poor lighting in my garage…. allow me to introduce a piece I call Yeşil ve Kahverengi Masası:

See the gray unfinished floor? That’s the reason for the austerity measures. Picture this with unstained, natural bamboo.

I don’t really call it that. I just like translating things using Google Translate. That apparently means “green and brown desk” in Turkish.

Because of the poor garage lighting, I need to do touch ups on this before it’s finished-finished. But I was too excited to post about it to wait. And, truth be told, Eden has already used the desk to color, decoupage, and paint and once a piece of furniture comes into common use, it’ll never be the same. She loves it though!


One thought on “Out with the old clutter…

  1. Love the desk, adore the colours, am REALLY happy the book room isn’t yours – although it’d be a great conversation piece.And this *ta DAAA!* is our library (watch people’s eyes fall out). I’d want to look through those books. You could lose an adult in there. Go the up-cycling! Yay! 🙂

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